Linen (2021)

dimensions: 50 x 50 x 5 cm + 2.916 steel nails
medium: acrylic on steel

Linen is a minimalist artwork inspired by drapery of rumpled bed linen. The appealing softness of fabric transformed into a relief using substantially opposite material - steel nails, is a juxtaposition of softness in its haptic and optic version. Despite the hardness of the material the soft colour coating creates a dialogue between visual perception and the sense of touch. The surface of its relief has haptic character, meaning the artwork can be touched and thus perceived with more senses than just the sense of vision. The idea came from Anit's strong affinity for monochromaticity. She sculpted the relief levelling the heights of steel nails which create the whole structure and cover the 0,25m2 3D canvas.


Visualization is a digital paste-ups of the artwork into the exterior part of Casa Sublim, Barcelona.