Nomad /Ricardo Bofill Leví/, 2022
Nomad (2022)

dimensions: 100 x 100 x 5 cm + 11.000 steel nails
medium: acrylic on steel

Artwork is Anit's personal tribute to one of the icons of postmodernist architecture with a nomadic soul, a late Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill Leví. He founded Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura in 1963 and developed it into a leading international architectural and urban design practice. According to architectural historian Andrew Ayers, his creations rank "among the most impressive buildings of the 20th century."

Portrait setting is inspired by self-portrait of Jan van Eyck, man with a red turban replacing the face with the portrait of Ricardo Bofill.

As a tribute, Anit put on “nomad shoes” for a day and walked "him" across some of his buildings in and around Barcelona.

Tribute locations:

Hotel W, Barcelona 2010; Walden 7, Sant Just Desvern 1975; Desigual Headquarters, Barcelona 2013; INEFC, Barcelona 1990; Castillo de Kafka, Sant Pere de Ribes 1968; Nexus II, Barcelona 2004.
All the listed buildings are the work of Ricardo Bofill's Taller de Arquitectura.

La Fabrica

Visualizations are paste-ups of the painting into La Fabrica, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona to complete the idea of tribute to architect Ricardo Bofill at his home.