Timeless /Hedy Lamarr/, (2022)

dimensions: 100 x 100 x 5 cm + 12.120 steel nails
medium: acrylic on steel

Timeless is the third and the last artwork of the Female R-Evolution series. Artwork portrays Hedy Lamarr who was known mostly for being an elegant actress, being one of the MGM stars during the “Golden Age” and a well-known face during those years. Apart from being a crowd darling, she helped invent spread-spectrum communication techniques using frequency hopping. This technology is still used today, and it was the Austrian actress and inventor who contributed to its pilot development. Lamarr invented the basis for the modern spread-spectrum communication technology which is the idea behind Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connections, and GPS.

Click to watch the video: FEMALE R-EVOLUTION VIDEO

Artwork portrays Hedy Lamarr as one of the Marvel characters, Captain Marvel. The concept behind this already third female portrait is to emphasize the timelessness of beauty and inteligence of a woman. Although Hedy Lamarr passed away on the verge of the 21st century, her contribution to modern technologies is timeless and therefore I wanted to depict her as a wonder woman.

Casa Sublim

Visualizations are paste-ups of the painting into interior and exterior parts of Casa Sublim, Esplugues, Barcelona.